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How to choose a subwoofer?

2019-10-12 18:17:34 Browse times:44

If you choose a sound system that listens to sound quality, choose a sealed subwoofer, which is characterized by easy control of sound, good sound quality, but relatively low efficiency.

If you choose to listen to the sound pressure (SPL) "Disco, Rock" so-called "explosion machine", choose the box with vents, it is characterized by large volume, suitable for sound pressure competition, high efficiency, but low speaker volume The size requirements are strict, and the diameter and length of the air duct also have certain requirements.

Don't buy low-end low-end speakers, especially active low-end speakers. Many active low-end speakers are made of plastic cylinders into cabinets, and simple circuits are used as power amplifiers. Some use pseudo devices, which have high failure rates and overheating. Fire. The sound of this kind of subwoofer is divergent, and the cone cannot control the control. This subwoofer generally has a midrange.

The sound of real bass should be very "real" one grain, one grain, very full, and free of midrange components.

No matter what kind of subwoofer is used, it is best to find a power amplifier designed by a professional. According to the size of the current, the thickness of the insurance and the power line is selected. Safety is the first priority.

According to the volume data of the cabinet given by the subwoofer, the size of the cabinet is calculated according to the shape of the interior space of the car. The manufacturing process is also very important. The cabinet must not leak air. If there are small holes, the efficiency will be lost by 10 %, Only professional design and construction can achieve the best results.