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Jiangen Yelitech Car Audio Co., Ltd. established in year 1991 as a specialized in Automotive professional Audio system manufacturer in Hong Kong & China. Yelitech manufacturing of Automotive professional speakers, component set with crossover , tweeter ,subwoofer and Amplifier etc.,current products reaching  throughout the global market. 


Contact Informatin:

Allan Liao


Wechat: willwill0409

Experienced Management Team

Jiangmen Yelitech Car Audio Co., Ltd. strengths are founded on its experienced management, engineering and production team, together with high quality control and strong marketing capability diverse production facilities. Our expertise management  and  manufacturing  team have an average of more than 20years related experience. 

R&D Center

1) R&D team development direction and capability

◆Speaker team good at develop full range series,coaxial series speaker with high sensitivity, big power.

◆Amplifier team good at develop D class, AB class amplifier.  3models each month.

2)Investment of develpment cost:1.83 million in 2017 →2.61million in 2018→3.31million in 2020

Existing Production facilities

As a qualified ISO9001:2000 manufacturer, to ensure that our products reliability and quality to meet highest standard, special equipment and quality assurance programs are implemented throughout the “Yelitech” operations, such as:

★ Amplifier production line (Plug-in, Welding,assembly, packing) 

★ Amplifier production line (Plug-in, Welding,assembly, packing) 

★ Amplifier production line (Plug-in, Welding,assembly, packing) 


Quality Control Equipments

★ Drop test .

★ Vibration simulator & platform.

★ Hot / cold & humidity storage chamber. 

★ Electrostatic discharge gun. 

★ Burn-in test facilities.

★ Reliability test facilities.

★ Element Monitor. (Monitoring of RoHs Materials)

★ Acoustic Chamber.