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Designing and building great subwoofer drivers lies at the very core of our passion for audio.With each generation of subwoofer drivers,Yelitech Audio has achieved significant breakthroughs in design and performance.the focus has always been on sound quality and real-world performance capabilities... on redefining the state-of-the-art for low-frequency reproduction.A highly experienced engineering team, led by Yelitech Audio CEO, Lucio Proni, works with the industry's most advanced engineering resources to continually improve the performance of our products in each generation. Many of their breakthroughs have earned U.S. and international patents and give Yelitech Audio subwoofers unique capabilities that cannot be matched by other products. Some of these are small ideas that contribute to reliability or deliver small performance improvements. Others are huge ideas that reinvent the way subwoofers are built and are outside the comfort zone of overseas loudspeaker factories.