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Audition skills of speakers

2019-10-12 18:17:34 Browse times:45

If you agree to "accurate" as the ideal quality of speakers, you will find the following knowledge helps you find a good speaker. The definition of "accurate" here is: under the unavoidable price and size restrictions, reproduce the details of the original recorded tone, timbre, dynamics and environment in the widest possible frequency range, and the less changes, the better.

Of course, this definition is also circuitous and indirect, because if you do n’t play it through a speaker, how can you know what its original sound is like? If we choose an artistic record, we should assume that it can be played back almost as real as the original performance.

Although recording devices (such as microphones) have the same inherent sound quality as speakers, the difference in sound quality between several good recordings should be much smaller than the difference between a good and mediocre speaker Much more.

Nothing can replace experience, so every opportunity should be seized to listen and compare speakers. It is important to remember that the listening environment is that you should always use a good amplifier or receiver and good components in order to reduce the variable factors, but you can be sure that even similar speakers will be found when listening The difference in sound is far more than the difference between the amplifier and the turntable.

If you use the a / b comparison test device, it has a set of switches directly connected to two sets (or two pairs) of speakers. Be careful to balance the comparison when testing, that is, the volume of the two sets of test speakers should be kept at the same level. Within 0.5 decibels (here only an accurate sound pressure gauge can be used to determine).