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Application of speakers in car audio system

2019-10-12 18:17:34 Browse times:52

In all sound systems, the speaker is an indispensable set of important equipment. It converts electrical energy into sound energy and emits sound through it. It can be seen that the performance of the speaker directly affects the sound quality of the entire sound system.

The importance of speakers in car audio systems is even more prominent, because the number of speakers and the arrangement of the speakers directly determine whether the audio system can show excellent sound and positioning. In the field of car audio, people have been pursuing the effect of sitting in a car as if sitting in front of the stage, or at the concert site. All sounds are emitted from the front windshield, and each instrument sound The most important thing to achieve the best replay effect is to synchronize the sound source and the signal amplification ratio of each frequency band. If it is a home audio, it is very simple, because the high, middle and low frequency units of the home audio are all placed in the same fixed cabinet. And, all music signals are amplified by the same power amplifier, and the same amplification ratio makes it easier to achieve an excellent tone balance.

However, if it is a car audio, due to the limited installation location, usually the subwoofer unit can only be installed in the rear trunk, the mid-bass unit can only be installed in the lower front of the door, and the tweeter unit is generally installed near the A-pillar. However, the effect of this installation can only be heard in the front of the treble and the bass from the back, and the midrange part is relatively weak. Due to the different amplification and power requirements of different units, car audio generally can only be driven by multiple amplifiers Speaker way. In this way, it is difficult to achieve an ideal level of sound and color balance. In order to achieve the ideal level and solve the above problems, the number of speakers and installation arrangements are very important. The number of speakers directly determines the distribution of sound emission points.

Normally, the number of speakers in high-end cars is more than that of ordinary models. Since the installation position of speakers will affect the sound quality of car audio, the same pair of speakers will produce different effects in different installation positions. Therefore, the installation position of the audio speakers of the middle and high-end cars generally needs to be tested to determine the installation position, which is why the sound quality of the middle- and high-end cars is better than that of the ordinary models. Determine the number of installations, plus the correct installation experience and skills, correctly handle the installation position of speakers of different bandwidths, maintain good directivity, and make technical adjustments with compatible power amplifiers, so that you can get good sound quality.