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The use of car speakers

2019-10-12 18:17:34 Browse times:53

The importance of speakers in car audio systems is more prominent. To make car speakers show excellent sound and positioning, compared with home audio, the technical requirements and difficulties are much higher.

The unfavorable factors of car speakers are numerous and complicated, because there are some unfavorable factors in the interior of the car that are not available in the house: narrow spaces, irregular objects, complex environments (noise, vibration, vehicle materials, etc.) and The installation position of the speaker (limited by the inside and outside shape of the car); more importantly, the listening position is not good, left and right.

And because the speaker's pointing is not positively symmetrical on the front, it leads to complex frequencies, phase differences and peaks, troughs, standing waves, reflective time differences, reverberation time is too long (resonance), etc., is not conducive to listening problems.

Nonetheless, we can correctly handle the installation position of speakers of different bandwidths and maintain their good orientation by understanding the properties, uses, categories, compatibility and speaker characteristics of sound system equipment, plus the correct installation experience and skills It is technically calibrated with compatible power amplifiers to achieve good results.